Area of a beautiful design template!

WordPress theme TCD is one of the “Top Market in the World!”
We have developed the WordPress theme TCD which enables high-quality sites to be created at low cost by anyone without web expertise .
“TCD ” has been developed since 2010 with the desire that we want to create a high quality site and world’s most advanced template.
TDC’s theme design is always stylish and sophisticated in which users can create a beautiful site template in their own.
We already been released 60 series and it was successful and TCD theme is the site creation package that transcends the domain of the site template.
In other words, TCD has the characteristic that advanced websites can be quickly and easily launched by anyone.

A Unique theme options with high performance screen is installed!

TCD has an original functions that cannot be found in other WordPress themes and there is also big features of theme in TCD.
TCD has many functions that you will surely impress at a glance there is a function that you need to change the logo, you can customize
the site to your own site, and you can set the contents such as site color, font, top page sentences and images.
Since all of these initial settings are made possible from the theme option, even if you do not know the code such as “HTML and CSS”,
everyone can make elegant site template. Because of this simplicity, even beginners would love to create a site just like professional creators.

We made usability the top priority Ad layout and placement!

You can see that TCD theme looks a lot better but it will not make sense unless access to the website increases and the access that has
been gathered is meaningless if it is immediately obtained, because doing business is worthless unless it leads to sales.
Fot that reason, TCD theme has made impression at a glance that will surely give first impact in the development, that will remain to
lead attracting costumers to sales such as SEO, repeater, and branding enable the sales to increase.
And also advertisements has been shown in TCD even in a single way it made up of details such as how CTAs and native ads show its content naturally.

Companies, media, restaurants, beauty systems, etc.
The website templates that dramatically change sales

Industry is beauty, cafe, restaurant, senior industry, hotel, travel, photo, e-commerce,
Gallery, affiliate, portfolio, media, general enterprise, special job offer site.
We strongly support the probability of linking visitors to sales by assuming user trends in advance from a template point of view.