Make marketing an advantage with innovative design

We have produced innovative products with two centers: "craftsmanship" and "marketing".
It is our style to provides benefits for society by creating what we want to create.

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Make marketing an advantage with innovative design

Originally I am a person in an affiliate field and I am good at marketing, mainly specializing in attracting customers and selling. But now, the team called “Design Plus” is a group that puts emphasis on creativity.

When I started up this company, I vaguely thought that I wanted to create something of high value by this hand though I did not understand anything well. At that time, we were dealing with a website template and just embarked on a WordPress theme. And I was all responsible for all processes, from product development, customer support, to sales. I was aware that professionals needed to raise product value, but at the time I had no funds or personal connections, I had to do it alone. However, the sales began to rise gradually, and about five years later, Design Plus grew to a team where all the professionals required for product development are enrolled.
Simply, we have grown by giving ourselves a challenge. Continually worked out the task of “raising the quality every time a product is released”. This allowed us to gradually approach the ideal of what we wanted to create. As a result, we became a team with both craftsmanship and marketing.

We are now emphasizing visual beauty and sophistication rather than specifications and rationality, but we will continue to prove that the results of marketing will change dramatically depending on how we make use of design. We hope you will look forward to the services we create in the future.

Representative Director and President, Toshiyuki Nakata

Oct. 2008 Founded as self-employed
Aug. 2010 Established Design Plus Inc.
Oct. 2010 “WordPress Theme TCD” Released
Sep. 2012 E-mail magazine subscribers reached 100,000
Aug. 2013 “Logo Marché” Released
Oct. 2013 “Button Marché” Released
May 2014 Relocated head office (Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku)
Feb. 2015 “Photo Marché” Release
Jan. 2016 “TCD Google Maps” Published
Feb. 2016 “TCD LABO” Published
Jul. 2017 50th TCD theme Released
Feb. 2018 TCD users reached 100,000
Aug. 2018 E-mail magazine subscribers reached 200,000
Sep. 2018 “TCD GALLERY” Published
Oct. 2018 “TCD MUSEUM” Published
Dec. 2018 “TCD GALLERY (En)” Published
Dec. 2018 Relocated head office (Kita-ku, Osaka)
Dec. 2018 Capital increased to 555,555,555 yen
Name Design Plus Inc.
Head office 〒530-0011 3-40-1311 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Representative Toshiyuki Nakata
Established Aug. 26, 2010
Capital stock 55,555,555 yen
Business Development and sales of WordPress theme
Internet media business
Internet advertising business
Number of employees 12 (As of August 2018)
Advisory lawyer “Sakuya-konohana” Law firm