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Since the start of the service in 1997, the "Email newsletter for learning WEB marketing" has continued to deliver not only web marketing,
but all the know-how about the web and the mindset and methodology of developing a business mindset.
It is possible to deliver advertisements that can help improve brand power by utilizing the reputation and reliability of our WordPress theme TCD.

Distributed information on WEB marketing

In this email newsletter, we carefully select and distribute information on web marketing with high “practicality”. This is a marketing study that I have cultivated through the sales of affiliates and TCD. It is very different from the trader who sends the information collected by surfing the web without practicing it.

Learn Business mind, Man-power, and Life

The way of living changes the direction and quality of creation. Man-power and way of being is meant to lead to the craftsmanship. Therefore, in addition to information on web marketing, there are times when we randomly send out what the writer “Toshiyuki Nakata” feels about every day, in the column.

know the story behind the development of "TCD"

“TCD” is the top market share of the WordPress theme in Japan and has the highest sales and quality in the world. We are delivering real information on what we need to shine even in intense competition and how to make products to sell. Also, the benefit of this E-zine is that you can see the latest information on WordPress.

E-zine advertisement is a quick-action promotion tool
that tends to directly affect sales.

E-zine advertisement is an effective promotion tool unless you make a mistake in selection. There are three reasons. The first one is that it is a push media. The second is that you can let them instantly access the landing page (LP) you want to guide. The third thing is to be able to narrow down the target in detail.
Web site advertisement is said to be pull media, but push media such as e-zine is more appealing than it. Just like visiting sales and DM has high conversions, e-zine that send messages from here also tend to have higher conversions than pull media. When giving priority to impressions, pull media such as website advertisement is more effective, but if you are going to make sure of the number of conversions, e-zine advertisement is an indispensable promotion tool.

Next, the advantage of the Web is that you have immediate access to the LP you want to induce. By advertising the page you want to sell and announce in the manuscript of the e-zine advertisement, it will be instantly linked to the closing. Making the action at the moment when purchasing motivation is increased is important in marketing.
The last, be able to narrow down the target in detail. While you can reach more users as you become larger media such as TV, newspaper, portal site, Cost Per Action(CPA) tends to rise. In other words, advertisements are delivered to users who are not interested in large media, which is wastefully costly. In that respect, our e-zine ads are limited to attributes that are interested in “internet business”, “web marketing”, “site production”, so you can deliver ads smartly.

This E-zine collects subscribers from these links.

One important thing in the management of e-zine is “Where do you collect new readers from?”. Because it is necessary to keep collecting readers from good compatibility with articles of e-mail magazine in order to maintain high reading rate. In this e-mail magazine keeps collecting readers from the above-mentioned media at all times, but it also features that readers continue to flow in from our own sites such as Logo Marche and Photo Marche. Since its own site is also an access source, there is a mechanism to gather compatible readers.

In addition to that, we continue to create a mechanism for readers to gather such as advertisements to popular e-zine of other companies and guidance to LPs based on TCD’s official site. Our e-zine advertisement which always has good readers has an advantage that it is hard to lose its effectiveness no matter how many advertisements you post.