Way of Working | Working remotely from Rome.

Hello, I’m Sachi. I’ve been working here for 10 months.
Usually, I work remotely from home or favorite cafe.
But this time, I went to Italy and worked from there, so I’m writing travel report.

The featured image is Assisi, the Basilica of San Francesco.
One of my favorite place in Italy.

Small Introduction about visited city

Vatican City, there are some christmas tree and monuments.

Tivoli,a beautiful pond in the “Villa Adriana”.

Tivoli, “Vila D’Este”. Not only decorations in rooms of the Palace, aiso the garden are breathtaking beauty

Assisi, the Basilica of San Francesco. truly amazing Basilica…

My impression about working remotely from overseas

And now, I felt some good/bad point about working remotely from overseas.

【Good Points】
・I could expand my sphere of action

If I have a PC and internet connection, I can go anywhere in the world.
Sometimes I went to cafe in the city center and work from there. Only that, I could feel exotic atmosphere. That inspired me.

・To get the opportunity to think about work style.

So many countries、so many customs.
My common sense and generally Japanese common sense about work style is not world’s mainstream.
To know other contry’s workstyle, we can get the opportunity of rethinking about work and life.

【Bad Points】
・feel insecure about internet connection

Fortunately, I could use strong internet connection at the hotel.
But in the outside of hotel, I felt insecure about internet.
I brought grobal portable wifi from Japan, but it was sometimes useless.(´・ω・`)

・Time difference

We are 8 hours behind Japan in Italy.
I worked remotely at evening ~ night in Italy, but it’s midnight ~ dawn in Japan.
It was difficult to contact with other staff in Japan.

thank you for reading!


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