Awaji Island | company retreat in Onsen resort

On a certain day in last September, we went to Awaji-Island for company retreat.

Awaji-Island is famous for Onsen resort and Great foods(Freah Seafoods, Onions, Brand beef-“Awaji Beef”). No matter what you eat, it’s amazing.

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

For the first step to go to Awaji-Island, we have to cross a big bridge that spanning across the Akashi Kaikyo (Akashi Strait), which connects mainland Kobe to Awaji Island.
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge, at a length of almost 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).
Panorama of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge can be viewed from Awaji Service Area.

Awaji Service Area

The Ferris wheel is the landmark of Awaji Service Area.
And there are many good foods, like “Gyu-don”(beef bowl) and “Shirasu-don”(whitebait bowl).

Ferris wheel

Uzushio Cruise and local Sweets

It’s about a hour drive from Awaji service area, we reached Fukura city. Before ride to「Uzushio Cruise」, we had a break at popular ice cream shop「G.ELM」.


There are many types of ice cream made with local ingredients.
The fresh milk gelate is fantastic!!


It’s fancy atmosphere.


Every tastes was great.


The world’s greatest whirlpool – “Uzushio of Naruto”

Finally, we took a「Uzushio Cruise」. Considered as one of the three greatest currents exist in the Naruto Strait under the Onaruto Bridge that connects Tokushima and Awaji Island.
There are whirlpools in the Naruto Strait that can reach up to 30m in diameter at the maximum.

You can check the time of larger whirlpools atUzushio Cruisewebsite.

Uzushio Cruise

It takes about one hour. We could feel nice breeze,
Uzushio Cruise

It’s a Uzushio of Naruto, the world’s greatest whirlpool.
This view of nature is impressive.

Uzushio of Naruto

The nice restaurant in roadside station

Next, we came to「The roadside station “Uzushio”」. This road is located in the most south area in Awaji island. From this restaurant, we can overlook the Naruto Bridge. From 「Uzushio Cruise」station, it takes 15 minutes by car. We had a lunch at「The restaurant in the roadside station Uzushio」.

The roadside station

“Niku-chazuke”(boiled rice soaked with green tea) with Awaji Beef!!

White “Kaisen-don”(Assorted raw seafood rice bowl)!!

In the roadside station, there is a famous local humburger, “Awaji Burger”.
I wanted to eat it, but I was full… so I hope try next time!!

Awaji Burger

Refresh at traditional japanese-inn

We stayed at a traditional japanese-inn,「Hanagoyomi」.

We can enjoy some Onsen 24hours.

It’s panorama of our room. We can enjoy fishing and night pool.

And dinner time.
渚の荘 花季

Fresh seafoods…

Local brand beef…

And so many local ingredients!!!

At last, we took a group picture.

In our company, we working remotely. So company retreat is a precious opportunity to get to know each other.
We relaxed and charged power, it was really good time.

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