Mount Rokko | Refresh Meeting in Kobe

Hey, How was a Golden Week(long vacation)?

We had a company retreat to Mount Rokko(Hyogo Prefecture) with staffs.
Many staffs gatherd from all over the country and Cebu, Philippines.

We planned BBQ at Mount Rokko, and stay at “Choraku”, Japanese-inn located Arima-Onsen.

We working remotely, so this kind of opportunities are so much fun!!
Eat a lot, drink a lot,,,

We can enjoy the gap of other staff’s online and offline.
I think it’s a one of highlights of work remotely.

Drink beer,
Grill sirloin steak of “Goto-ushi”(brand beef from Nagasaki),
Prawns and scallops…
I never had such an awesome BBQ!!!

After BBQ, we went to Arima-Onsen by a cable car.

Arima-Onsen was loved by Hideyoshi Toyotomi,
There are gourd motif design some place.

We stayed at “Choraku”, Japanese hotel.
There are great Onsen, good dinner…so comfortable.

We talked about our business until midnight.
I was feeling more motivated from that talk.

In tomorrow morning, we had Onsen-spa again.
We could relax and refresh.

I’m looking forward to next company retreat!

We went to next company retreat for Awaji-Island!

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